- the affordable 3D tracking system



AmfiTrack is an embedded stand-alone, high precision and low cost electromagnetic tracking system. The AmfiTrack system positions an object in 3D, outputting the absolute position (XYZ) and rotation (pitch/yaw/roll) of the system components in respect to each other, making it a so-called true six degrees of freedom (6DOF) electromagnetic tracking system.



The AmfiTrack system is based on electromagnetic field (EMF) tracking, using an EMF transmitter and one or more EMF receivers. The system receivers picks up the EMF level sent out by the transmitter, which is then processed by the unique AmfiTrack hardware. The AmfiTrack state-of-the-art algorithms then calculates a true, high precision absolute position and orientation of the transmitter and receivers, with respect to each other.



Feature list

• Highly scalable/customizable 3D positioning/orientation electromagnetic tracking system

• High 6DOF static accuracy performance @ low hardware cost

• Flexible distance between source and sensor: 5-1000 cm

• Lowest hardware cost for consumer product applications (performance dependent)

- Receiver hardware:< USD 2.5

- Transmitter hardware:< USD 12

• Smallest size for miniature applications

• Wireless sensors and sources

• Battery powered (low power consumption). Sensor is ultra low power (button cell battery feasible)

• 100% embedded software for position/orientation calculations (no external PC and software needed)

• Flexible sample rate: 1 Hz to 1000 Hz



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